m u l t i me d i a   a r t i s t



Year and place of birth.

02.11.1974. Jurmala, Latvia

Professional education.

11.05.2004. - 29.06.2007. Latvian Academy of Art. Mastercourse.

01.09.2000. – 11.05.2004. Latvian Academy of Art, Department of Visual Communication.

01.09.1991. – 18.06.1997. Riga Secondary school of Crafts, speciality of metalworking blacksmith.

Group exhibitions.

29.06/07.06.2007. - 14.06.2007. Participant of the exhibition "BooM" at the "Anrejsala" in Riga, Latvia.

10.10.2006. - 31.01.2007. Participant of the exhibition "Norobežotais pārnesums" at the galery "Mans's" in Jekabpils, Latvia.

12.10.2006. - 29.10.2006. Participant of the exhibition "Rudens 2006" ("Autumn 2006") at the Railway museum of Riga, Latvia.

26.11.2004. Participant of the exhibition "Jūr-Mala" at the Art Museum of Jurmala, Latvia.

29.05.2004. - 30.05.2004. Participant of the Festival "2 annas". Diploma for videowork “The picture book of Matery”.

20.12.2002. - 05.01.2003. Participant of the exhibition “Citādas pastmarkas” ("Different stamps") at the Central Post Office of Riga, Latvia.

16.12.2002. - 11.01.2003. Participant of the exhibition “Daba. Darbs. Dievs.”("Nature. Labour. God.") At the Exhibition Hall of the Riga House of Architects.

23.04.2002. - 04.05.2002. Participant of the Artistic Days at the Castle of Dundaga, in Dundaga, Latvia.

23.04.2002. - 04.05.2002. Participant of the exhibition of the Works of Jurmala Artists, at Jurmala Town museum.

08.05.2001. - 16.05.2001. Participant of the exhibition “Optiskie raksti” (“Optical signs”), at the Museum of the Applied Arts in Riga.

11.12.1998. Participant of the National applied arts exhibition “Metāls un rotas” (“Metal and decorations”) at the Foreign Arts Museum of Latvia in Velvju Hall, in Riga.

Personal exhibitions.

19.01.2002. - 18.02.2002. Personal exhibition "Kaste" (“The Box”) at the cinema “Kinogalerija” in Riga.

20.11.1998. - 31.12.1998. Personal exhibition "Nogalināt aizspriedumu" (“To kill the prejudice”) at the G. Skilters memorial museum in Riga.


12.2007 Member of "The Artists' Union of Latvia".